Timothy Zeuschner

Tim Zeuschner graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1986 and his association with Ben Bronz Academy began in 1989. It was his second position in education and the next eleven years were very exciting, both professionally and personally. Learning about reading instruction, precision teaching, direct instruction and Instrumental Enrichment made him a better teacher. Working with such a dedicated staff also made the experience special. Most special was the fact that Tim met his wife at Ben Bronz Academy and they were married in 1995 and had their two children in 1996 and 1997. Tim left Ben Bronz Academy in the year 2000 and has taught Social Studies at South Windsor High School since. According to Tim, you never really leave a place like Ben Bronz Academy. His wife worked there for several more years and when the decision was made to change to a  nonprofit foundation, Tim was asked to join the Board of Directors. Shortly after, he was voted Chairman. Currently, he serves as the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors.