Jason Devin

Jason Devin is the Chief Operating Officer of Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc.  Jason has been a member of the Ben Bronz Family since 2000.  After working at the University of Connecticut Health Center, he joined the staff of The Learning Incentive, Inc. as a secretary.  He then proceeded to grow with the company.  In 2010, he was promoted to Assistant Business Manager, and in 2014, to Business Manager.  Beyond these roles, Jason wore many additional hats, including Human Resource Officer, Facility Manager, IT Administrator and Webmaster, as well as serving to perform many other crucial functions.

In 2015, Jason’s involvement was pivotal in the migration of the business to the non-profit organization, Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc.  In 2017, Jason was appointed Chief Operating Officer by the Board of Directors.  Most recently, Jason led Ben Bronz Foundation in the move to its new location on Wampanoag Drive.  He performed all the project management and general contracting duties in the renovation of the building.  Without him, the Foundation would not have the beautiful school building that we have today.

In his free time, Jason is a music buff!  He enjoys musical composition and performance, and plays several instruments. He enjoys studying film theory and criticism, and 20th century political history.